By: Jan Lindborg, Global Training Mangager

I’m a prolific game player and have been since the 1980’s, always on computers, rarely on consoles. From my first computer, the Sinclair ZX81 (Catacombs anyone?) through to my latest, an ALIENWARE ALX I’ve usually found myself looking for the BEST experience.

Usually, I get to the point where a new and wonderful game comes out and I have to think about upgrading. I’ve had my ALX for about 6 months now and just got my copy of the latest blockbuster, Battlefield 3© EA Games. It’s very rare for me to install a new game and for the system to auto-set ALL of the graphics, shading, special effects and audio settings to the maximum– but that’s what happened to me. I love it.


Let me tell you – after 30 years of computer games I have never experienced a game like Battlefield 3. I’ve played the whole series since Battlefield 1942 and I am stunned. It’s amazing.

I found the game quite hard to play online though. There is a LOT going on. However, the ALX runs everything perfectly. At a resolution of 2560x1600 pixels, I’m getting great frame-rate, surround sound (here’s a tip: use 5.1 or better surround sound headphones – trust me) smoke effects, and lighting effects. What an experience.

See you on the battlefield!