I bought a brand new Inspiron 5537 laptop.  The machine is defective and I've called Dell on numerous occassions over the last year and a half.  The "techs" from India have taken over my computer on countless occassions but have never been able to fix the problem.  

My laptop motherboard changed two times and hard disk once. Now they want to replace motherboard again form y new issue. i feel like they are doing experiment on my laptop. Is there any concrete solution available or not for problem?

For this when i talked with Dell tech team then i got solution from manager that we will replace your system. but after some day i got call that your system is not qualify for refund and replacement. Again i call back and told that i got response from your manager that they will replace it but some person from responsive team told that manager doesn't have authority to provide replacement. he talked so badly and denied to replace system. The thing go beyond when he say do whatever what you can do?

2 times motherboard changed and 1 times hard disk change within 6 month and again i am getting solution to changed motherboard. I think dell should tell that laptop may require service for every month once you purchased it. This has been the worst customer service experience I have ever had with any company over the course of my entire life.