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DMC 1.1.1 Warranty Report Fix 7/21/2010

A new column was introduced on the Dell support warranty page which caused the warranty report to break. To fix this, you need to overwrite MetaData.xml with the attached file.

 The file to be changed can be found at a path “C:\Program Files\Dell\sysmgt\dmc\DMCServerTasks\Web\MetaFile\MetaData.xml” for standard DMC Install i.e. if user does not use custom install path, else it will be  “\dmc\DMCServerTasks\Web\MetaFile\MetaData.xml “ relative to users custom install path.  After changing the file restart IIS and Object host service. 

This applies to DMC 1.1.1.

(updated Sept17,2010)

  • DMC 1.1.1 Warranty Report Fix 7/21/2010

    Since I do not use DMC but instead use DCM to manage my clients is there a fix for this report. It was working for me up until about a month ago. Now it returns no data. I have opened support calls and no one from Dell or symantec has been able to get it working. I don't have the path that you have listed above since I use DCM (Dell Client Manager) Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this but I need some help.

  • DMC 1.1.1 Warranty Report Fix 7/21/2010

    Try following the above instructions for DCM and it should work. The updated file is posted on 9/17 and should work with DCM as well. You will have to install Dell commons update to get the latest version of warranty task before applying this fix.

  • DMC 1.1.1 Warranty Report Fix 7/21/2010

    Hi, I applied the fix according to the instructions and does not work, it gives another error.

    According to read is the problem of date format other than the USA.

    I wanted to know if you have any news about it, with a new fix.

  • DMC 1.1.1 Warranty Report Fix 7/21/2010

    works for me