DMC 2.0 Is Released!

DMC 2.0 Is Released!

Dell Management Console

Dell Management Console
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DMC 2.0 Is Released!


DMC 2.0 is out.  Please visit to pick up a copy.

Thanks for your support this year.




Key features of DMC 2.0:

DMC 2.0 delivers support for 64-bit OS, provides tools to aid the migration from the current 32-bit version to the new 64-bit version, and simplifies configuration and set-up for installation.   


      64-bit support: 

      DMC 2.0 supports Windows 2008 R2 64-bit only 

      Migration process and tools - DMC v2.0 comes with a detailed migration process guide and automation tools to help customers transition from DMC 32-bit to DMC 64-bit on Win2K8 R2.

       DMC v2.0 will support SQL 2005 and SQL 2008 database

       DMC v1.1.1 release is the latest DMC release for 32-bit operating systems. 

      Dell will continue to maintain the 32-bit releases (e.g. fixes to resolve customer issues), so there will be v1.1.x maintenance releases forthcoming in the future.  However, further technological development will be on 64-bit (DMC 2.0 and thereafter).  

      Improved usability

      Enhanced configuration and set-up

      Reduced complexity with Dell Private Product Listing