New SNMP Troubleshooting Tool

New SNMP Troubleshooting Tool

Dell Management Console

Dell Management Console
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New SNMP Troubleshooting Tool

Hi folks,

Just an FYI on a new troubleshooting tool.  It is now in the download/media section.  It doesn't address all of the reasons why a discovery is not successful, but it may useful in some cases.  See the notes below:

The purpose of this tool is to test the SNMP network connection
from a Dell Management Console server (aka Management Station) to
another server running OMSA (aka Managed Node or target server).

The tool is a troubleshooting tool.  Its purpose is to help answer
the question: "Why can't DMC dicover my server?"  or "Why can't
DMC properly classify my server as a 'Dell Computer'?"

This tool is non-destructive. 


  • Where do I go to file a former complaint about Dell's customer (unsatisfaction)?????Sad