Date Modified:2012-04-03
Sections:UNIX ext scripts, RAID
Overall Rating:"Awesomesauce-in-a-can"

Features:Monitoring of Dell RAID controllers (controllers, vdisks, adisk, battery)
Ease of Use:"Simples!"
File Size:13,816 bytes
Description:Current version: 2.2

This is a local RAID monitoring script for Dell PowerEdge RAID Controllers which works in conjunction with Dell's OpenManage Server Administration (OMSA) tool called 'omreport'. It is intended as a single replacement for both Megaraid and AACRAID monitoring scripts and is the only realistic way to monitor megaraid_mm/megaraid_mbox driven RAID devices under linux 2.6 kernels with the loss of "/proc/megaraid" (kernel 2.4).
Note that while the entire OMSA suite is large, you don't need to install it all to have this script work. If you download the package and untar/zip it you can simply run the installer with the "-s" option to install the base and storage components only.

Alternatively, you can go to where you can learn about how to install the bits of OMSA you need from Dell's repository at least for RHEL and SuSE. There are repackagings of OMSA for Debian, Ubuntu, etc. if you look hard enough.

While most servers have only one RAID controller in them, this script should deal with any number of Controllers (and Batteries), Virtual Disks and Array Disks. The syntax should be simple enough that you can add any extra tests fairly easily. To do this you should look through "/opt/dell/srvadmin/sm/mibs/dcstorag.mib" for possible values for the field you wish to monitor.

NOTE: As of version 2.2 all disks marked as "Non-Critical" but otherwise fine are marked as green. This is because OMSA marks any disk not Dell-branded as "Non-Critical".

This script is known to work with OMSA versions 3.3, 4.5, 5.0, 5.4, 5.5 and 6.5, and the following PERC/CERC devices:
Adaptec PERC2, PERC2/Si - ROMB
LSI Logic PERC2/SC, PERC2/DC, PERC2/QC - Add-in
Adaptec PERC3/Si, PERC3/Di - ROMB
LSI Logic PERC4/SC, PERC4/DC, PERC4/QC - Add-in
LSI Logic PERC4e/Si, PERC4e/Di - ROMB
LSI Logic PERC4e/DC - Add-in
LSI Logic PERC5/i, PERC5/iR - ROMB
LSI Logic PERC5/E - Add-in
LSI Logic PERC6/i, PERC6/iR - ROMB
LSI Logic PERC6/E - Add-in
LSI Logic H700 - ROMB
(please submit other working controllers!)

LSI Logic CERC ATA 100/4ch - Add-in
Adaptec CERC SATA1.5/6ch, SATA1.5/2s - ROMB

Please contact the author (email address in notes at top of script) with suggestions, changes, fixes or any problems.