Date Modified:2011-04-19
File Size:10,970 bytes
License:GNU GPL
Description:1.1.4 External batch script to autodect the amount of HP RAID Controllers, the amount of logical volume and the amount of plugged hard drive. Status is coming red if at least one disk or logical volume is down or rebuilding. Detail of the status is send (each controller, each disk and each volume).
"At least one drive is in a failure state."     
Controller: Smart Array 642
Channel: 5Serial number: P12345A6BCDEFG
red logicaldrive 1 (135.7 GB, RAID RAID 5): InterimRecoveryMode
green logicaldrive 2 (273.5 GB, RAID RAID 5): OK
green physicaldrive 2:0 (port 2:id 0, 72.8 GB): OK
red physicaldrive 2:1 (port 2:id 1, ??? GB): Failed
green physicaldrive 2:2 (port 2:id 2, 72.8 GB): OK
green physicaldrive 2:3 (port 2:id 3, 146.8 GB): OK
green physicaldrive 2:4 (port 2:id 4, 146.8 GB): OK green
physicaldrive 2:5 (port 2:id 5, 146.8 GB): OK

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