Date Modified:2011-04-19
Sections:SNMP, Power (UPS/etc)
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License:GNU GPL

1.4.3 External batch script to monitor the power using an APC UPS with a network card or with an APC Powerchute Business Edition software installed on a computer with SNMP features enabled and linked with the UPS using a data cable. More information available like UPS model, manufacture date, last battery change, etc.

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Power is provided by the network (online)                       UPS model: Smart-UPS 1500, 12/14/09                 Serial number: AS0123456789 - UPS_MAIN    Current utility line voltage: 231V     Current UPS output voltage: 231V               Current UPS load: 59%                Battery capacity: 100% UPS battery run time remaining: 19 minutes     Battery last replaced date: 7/11/2010 This script is running on HOST.DOMAINNAME