EventMon v1.5 is a standalone event monitor service that allows for integrating windows event monitors into BB. The service runs on 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, Windows 7 and 2008, 32 and 64 bit variants and can monitor any/all of the event logs on the machine. It's a viable replacement for the msgs test included in BBNT, which is routinely disabled when using this service, and provides superior filtering and managment of event reporting. There's a configuation GUI included that allows you to manage the behavior of the service, the name of the test, BB port and server as well as to configure rules for how to report events to bb by category, source, event ID, etc. Users select what events to ignore, and what events to alert and alarm on, regardless of the type of event (errors can be ignored, or reported as warnings, information messages can be reported as errors, classes of messages can be ignored, etc.). Reporting is completely user-configuratble, including logging messages without alerts or alarms etc.for historical record. Version 1.5 is a minor upgrade from v1.3, copied to this site frmom deadcat. This version has some bug fixes as well as a new parameter, StartFromLastRun, which forces the service, upon starting, to scan logs starting from the last time the service ran. This parameter should be set when using BB as the facility to monitor and record all useful event from a machine.

Please read the included PDF file for complete instructions.

Jim Graczyk