Date Modified:2011-04-19
Sections:SNMP, Power (UPS/etc), Environment/Temperature
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1.4.3 (replaces CheckHeat) External batch script to check the temperature of an area using an APC UPS with a network card or with an APC Powerchute Business Edition software installed on a computer with SNMP features enabled and linked with the UPS using a data cable. Temperature graphs are also provided automatically! More information available like UPS model, manufacture date, etc.

Device Temp(C) Temp(F)
green probe1 22 71
green probe2 22 71
green ups 22 71
Status green: Temperature is ok, 22 'C is between 15 'C and 27 'C

1st probe: 22 'C (correction: +0, relative humidity: 25%)
2nd probe: 22 'C (correction: -1, relative humidity: 25%)

Internal UPS temperature: 22 'C (for information only, not checked)

Alarm high: 27 'C
Warning high: 25 'C
Warning low: 18 'C
Alarm low: 15 'C

UPS model: Smart-UPS 1500, 12/14/09
Serial number: AS0123456789 - UPS_MAIN

This script ("C:\scripts\CheckTemperature.cmd") is running on HOST.DOMAINNAME

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