Date Modified:2006-08-29
Sections:LDAP, NT ext scripts
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License:GNU GPL
Description:This is a bbnt client external script for checking windows AD network connectivity. Use with bbnt client (1.0.8b tested) on w2k domain controllers. It parses the output of netdiag.exe (from w2k server cd) and then puts it in eventlog via logevent.exe from the nt4 resource kit. It checks the following network services: Autonet,Bindings,Browser(network),Domain controller list test,Default gateway test DNS,DsGetDc - Domain controller discovery test, IpConfig,IpLoopBk, IPX , Kerberos, Ldap,Domain membership test, Modem diagnostics test,NetBT name test, Ndis - Netcard queries test,NetBT transports test,Netstat information test,Netware test,Routing table test, Trust relationship test,WAN configuration test,WINS,Winsock test. See for more info