Date Modified:2003-11-24
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License:GNU GPL
Description:Test existence, size, age and number of files. User definable colors for files that are missing, should not exist or are too small/large/old/new/many/few or that have their size/age/number in a forbidden finite interval. Supports remote testing using ftp or sftp or Smbclient (Samba). Support for Unix , VM (experimental), AS400 and Dos/Windows ftp servers. Supports spaces in filenames. Tests can be enabled/disabled based on time/day. Optional automatic timeout of alarms. Current date in any format and on any timezone can now be used as a part of the file selection pattern. Local file selection by owner/group/mode/type/fstype/... using find. Versions 1.0 - 2.9.2 NEW: -i parameter added to ftp to turn off any interactive prompting.