WebTest v1.6 is a revison of my previous Webtest extension (found a bug in v1.5).

Webtest is a stand alone service to perform tests on HTTP and HTTPS sites to monitor accessibility. This single service can test many URLs to produce tests statuses that can be sent to one or many BB server. The service can be renamed and installed any number of times on a single server. The config file for each instance is unique to the program name (the .exs file is the executable), so if one copied webtest.exs to webtest1.exs and installs both as services, the config files would be webtest.ini and webtest1.ini, respectively.

Webtest supports proxies, HTTPS logons and standard HTTP. The advantage over normal HTTP tests is that several (many) URLs can be aggregated into one single test. Each URL and result can be displayed as a line in a single test (similar to how many processes are displayed in the procs test) or URLs can be sent as separate tests - all from the single service.

I've used this to monitor standard websites, OWA, web applications and monitor web site up time across different carriers.

This service has been tested on Windows 2003, XP, XP x64, and 2008 R2 against BB BTF and BBPE v4.40. Read the install.txt file for installation and configuration instructions.

Jim Graczyk