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bigbrother being eleminated? in favor of foglight?

Big Brother

Big Brother
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bigbrother being eleminated? in favor of foglight?

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I just heard that bigbrother is being phased out by quest/dell in favor of foglight.

Does anyone have any info on how the two compare and what a migration might look like?



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  • I saw that as well... Talked to a sales person who indicated there is no conversion path for data but they will trade our licenses 1 for 1 into foglight... I'm really not fond of Foglight way too windows centric for us and nothing like BB...

  • If you're looking for something similar to Big Brother, then check out Xymon

    It'll look really familliar.

    Because it's based on Big Brother... and will live on because its open source.

    I recommend it.

    Why should you care?

    I wrote Big Brother

  • How does xymon compare to bigbrother professional? Would we lose any features if we switched?

    One of the features that we really liked when we went to bb pro vs. the public domain one was the ability to override

    the "color" paging levels on individual rules (so we mostly never page on purple, but there are a few specific rules where we

    DO test on purple).

    Can xymon handle that? Are there any other bb pro things that we would lose?