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Having trouble with BBPE cgi-bin functions

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Having trouble with BBPE cgi-bin functions

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Good day, all! I was a BB user from 2001-2008 and have returned.

I am attempting to set up BBPE 4.60 on a Win 2K8 R2 Standard Server via IIS7. The installation of the server EXE went smoothly and without error. It built the bb Virtual Directory in IIS. You are able to load the initial page (http://<my site name>/bb). However, when you go to click on a monitored object to get additional information, the browser wants to download the called EXE (i.e. hostsvc.exe) rather than run it as CGI script.

In IIS, under the cgi-bin directory -> Hander Mappings, I have made sure that the Edit Feature Permissions was set with Read, Script and Execute. I then set it to just Script and Execute. Either way, the issue was still there.

Under ISAPI and CGI Restrictions, each BBPE executable is listed with Allowed permissions.

I have tried on a couple of different machines with IE, Firefox and Chrome. Any ideas on what could be causing this?

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  • Disregard, I forgot to add CGI Services via Role Services in Win 2K8. Fixed it myself

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  • Disregard, I forgot to add CGI Services via Role Services in Win 2K8. Fixed it myself

  • Hi Jay,

    I seem to still have aproblem. I had it working a few weeks back when i was doinga trial and now i have setup from scratch and for the life of me i cannot get it to work.

    During the default IIS installation of IIS7.5 (Win 2k8 R2) i selected the CGI Module and installed that as an additoinal role. Every time i click on one of the alerts i get page cannot be displayed. I have also copied the cgi-bin into my www floder (but that then tries downloading it when i click on the alert) so i reverted. Can you please confirm any customizations necessary for IIS7.5?

    Currently the virtual folder /bb has read/script/execute for handler mappings and the cgi-bin has script/execute under handler mappings features.

    Your help is appreciated.