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Get paged when something is acknowledged??

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Get paged when something is acknowledged??

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We have been using bigbrother for years...we are now ready to start using the acknowledge function.

Here's an example:

aaa.disk goes red and various email aliases get a page.

One of the technicians picks up the call and is going to work the issue.

They go to bigbrother and acknowledge the RED for 1 hour.

That acknowledgement will stop further paging while the tech works the issue.

But, without everyone having to wake-up, go to their pc and check the gui to see if someone acknowledged the can bigbrother page-out to the

same folks who got the RED (and who will later get the GREEN-all-clear), that technician yyy has acknowledged the issue for 1 hour with message ______

How can this be done? It looks like acknowledgements only show up in the acklog and in the gui.




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  • Each time you acknowledge a notification, the information entered into the ack form gets appended to $BBVAR/acks/acklog.

    Also, a $BBVAR/ack/ack.<devicename>.<testname> file gets created with similar information.

    So, you could use an extension that monitors $BBVAR/acks for new ack files and send out alerts as necessary.

    Does that make sense?