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BB 4.4 Client and RHEL 6

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BB 4.4 Client and RHEL 6

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Has anyone been successful using BB 4.4 Client and RHEL 6? I installed it on a new system and am getting an error after going through bbconfig when I start bb nohup: failed to run command `/home/bb/bb/bin/bbrun': No such file or directory


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  • Hi Paul,

    RH6 has not been tested on and is not supported yet, however, BBPE may work as expected on RH6. The error you get when you attempt to start BB looks like there may be some missing files in $BBHOME/bin, or, the path to $BBHOME is not correctly set. The path to $BBHOME on a Linux install would default to: /home/bb/bb4.40-bbpe, your path to $BBHOME is: /home/bb/bb.

    Was this intentional?

    Perhaps a symbolic link, or, reinstall will fix this issue? Let us know what happens.

  • Is your rhel6 box 64bit? If so, do you also have 32bit glibc installed?

    My boxes have 64bit libs only by default. Got same misleading error as you did. The missing file turned out to be

    a library and not the executable.

    A simple "yum install glibc.i686" solved the missing file error... Hope this helps


  • Where did You install bb (in what directory)?